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Anxiety | Relationship Problems

Psychotherapy | Hypnotherapy | Coaching

Healing your Mind, Heart and Soul

I can help you explore the challenges you may be experiencing in the area of relationships and love.

We can work together with your present difficulties to help you find clarity, and reconnect with your deepest truth.

By sourcing the strength, courage, and wisdom that already exist in you, we can work together to help you regain trust in yourself, others, and life.

This will allow you to access the power to co-create authentic, life-enhancing, value-driven relationships. 

The type of person you wish you were is the person you really are,

but haven’t yet learned to be.

What are your present challenges?

Perhaps you are experiencing one or more of the following:

-Difficulty in forming and maintaining healthy, life-enhancing relationships.

- Experiencing unhealthy recurring patterns in relationships (with family, friendships, colleagues, or romantic partners).

-People-pleasing behaviours.

-Relationships where you “disappear,” indiscriminately putting the needs of others before your own.

-Feeling that you cannot find a partner because you are simply "unlucky in love" or that “love is not in the cards” for you.

- Feeling "chronically" single or alone, in spite of your desire or efforts to attract a partner.

-Having a “pattern” that shows up in romantic relationships (i.e., unrequited love scenarios, toxic relationships, relationships where boundaries are not respected, not being able to create or maintain healthy relationships, falling for the “same kind of partner” even though the person and context may be different, falling for narcissistic individuals, etc.)

- Choosing romantic partners based on “magical thinking”, new-age type of beliefs that result in “love bite scenarios”, obsessions, and/or getting involved with abusive partners.

-Feeling alone, leading a solitary life, feeling that you are “destined” to be alone.


-Feeling like an “outsider”, like you do not belong anywhere, even when you actively try to put yourself “out there.” 

-You feel like an outsider, lonely, isolated, perhaps you are living in a foreign culture, away from your family of origin, or perhaps, you struggle daily with finding a sense of fulfilment and belonging in your relationships

-Suffering from low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, low mood, or depression as a result of feeling unhappy with your relationships.​

-Experiencing challenging relationship dynamics, where there is a lot of “drama,” “highs and lows”, “push and pull”, break-ups, etc.


​-You have recently ended an unhealthy relationship and you are trying to pick up the pieces of what is left in your life, but you feel you need help to regain balance.


​​-Feeling that you are forever destined to be single but long for a loving relationship.​​


-You have experienced abuse in relationships and are now looking to build your self-esteem.


-You are committed to co-creating healthy relationships and are looking for an experienced professional to help you achieve this.​

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Relational difficulties are at the root of a wide range of symptoms, for example:

stress, anxiety, panic attacks, low mood, depression, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-worth, having weak or blurred boundaries, feeling confused in a relationship, feeling that you have to give more, even if it is causing you pain and draining you, feeling it is all your fault, feeling responsible for other people's moods, and more.


Short term counselling

Short term counselling is ideal to start your journey, if you have not had experience of therapy, or of how it can help you.

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Long term counselling is ideal if you are looking to make consistent, sustainable and lasting changes in your life.


Soul-oriented coaching

Soul-oriented coaching is for the spiritually-oriented. We work with your beliefs, and look at the deeper patterns manifesting in your life, and what they may mean in the face of your present challenges. We work on healing the soul, as well as your mind, and body.

During our upbringing we create stories about ourselves, about who we are in the world and in relationship to other people.

Perhaps, it is time to change your story?

Relationships are a very important part of our lives. We are relational beings. This is why to get relationships right is crucial for our individual and collective wellbeing. The ability to reconnect with our sense of connection is even more important now in the face of ecological and climate change. 

Advances in technology, the proliferation of social media platforms, dating apps, and sexualised digital platforms that exploit the human need for connection have actually caused a disconnection from our natural ability to connect. It is a paradox that has become evident in the recent years.

The spread of the false belief that human relationships are at the same level of commodified goods has caused an epidemy of loneliness, isolation and social anxiety.  Within this belief, people assign value to relationships, like they would to commodities. Within such a belief, people are driven to compete for resources, and one can never be good enough because there will always be someone else who is better or more than. Dating apps are an example of this. The consequences of believing this lie is devastating. 

There is another way. 

Recognising that this belief is a lie, an illusion, and stepping out of and disengaging from the systems that spread this lie is an act of true courage. 

It is also an act of self-love.

You can choose other more enriching, soul-nurturing, life-enhancing, value-driven beliefs, like for example, that you are unique, that you are a soul with incredible gifts and talents, that you have come to this life to make your own unique contribution and to connect with others who are also unique and have a unique contribution to make to your life. You can choose to believe you do not need to compete with others, because you will find those who will love you just as you are, because everyone is unique, an everyone has something to give. Within this belief, there is no one who is better or more than. There are just people having different experiences of life. Some experiences will be aligned with yours, and some won't, and that is ok. 

In counselling, we can work together to explore your beliefs about yourself, other people and life. We can look at the story you created around those beliefs, explore whether that story is helping you or actually causing you harm, and together create other stories more aligned with the deepest truth of who you are. 



My name is Maria Barletta

One of my roles in life is to work as an Integrative Counsellor.

I have other roles: I am also a teacher, a facilitator of change, a healer, a mental health advocate, a writer, a spiritual being, a daughter, a loving partner, a family member, a member of the community, a politically-conscious person, a woman who identifies as female, a loving and caring person, and probably many more...

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